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With a title of "Horror," you would expect me to write something of sterotypical horror; the gore and violence, or even zombies or ghosts, that the population's  mind is predominantly set to when they hear "horror."

No, its none of those, I'm sorry to say; but I shall speak of the horror of loneliness surrounding you, while the world around you binds together.

How would that be, for horror in life? How often do we come along loneliness and take it with much disdain? More than we encounter zombies I should think.

Some are taken by this horror much more than others; and I for one start to wonder what happens later on down the road if they let it affect them. I always wonder what happens: do they continue to live by themselves in this world, or do they eventually grow out of it, and move on from the past?

It scares me sometimes, to realize that some of the people close to me, are haunted by this everyday of their lives, having to live in their own world, alone.
Because everyone gets lonely sometime, maybe more than others.

Somewhat dedicated to ~lilman808, who was being emo on AIM before I wrote this. Can someone please tell him he will find someone? He's just not believing me anymore apparently... Something tells me that this is not what he was thinking about... ^^;


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April 16, 2008
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